Early-Stage Venture-Capital Investors

At Canvas, we know not everyone is cut out for startups. There are easier ways to make a living. Yet you insist. Dismiss the odds. Defer the niceties that others take for granted. That’s why we celebrate entrepreneurs. We have founded startups, worked at startups, and honor startups. We know it’s not just a job. It’s your life’s work.
It’s ours too.

Faces in our startup community

Named a “Top VC Firm to Watch” by Forbes, we know the startup life can be grueling. That’s why we are constantly looking for ways to lend a hand. Sometimes that means throwing a party. We regularly network our portfolio companies through events large and small. We have organized intimate, let-your-hair-down dinners where only CEOs and founders are in the room. We have also put together big, 200-people events where we network our portfolio companies with the most important corporate development heads, press, and talent in Silicon Valley.


Our Thesis Areas

We are thesis investors, which means we focus on select investment themes—including fintech, marketplaces, digital health, new enterprise, and more. Are these the only areas in which we invest? No. But these are the domains we believe we have the deepest knowledge and strongest networks.

Our partners have collectively founded multiple companies before becoming VCs, made roughly 70 venture investments, served on more than 60 boards, and helped more than 35 startups to successful exits via M&A or IPO.

We want to put that experience—and passion—to work for you.