“Softer, kinder short-term loans.”


Creating financial fairness with personal loans.

Why We Invested

Nearly 50% of Americans don’t have enough financial cushion to cover a $400 emergency expense yet existing short-term credit options are expensive, don't build credit history and drive them further into debt (cost Americans over $97 billion). Possible Finance provides an installment short-term loan product for those on the lower end of the credit spectrum to meaningfully improve their financial wellbeing, build credit history. Possible is reversing the detrimental debt cycle with a regulatory friendly product and building a differentiated proprietary dataset to reduce risk and cost overtime.

Creating financial fairness with personal loans.
Tony Huang
Tony Huang
Co-Founder & CEO
Tony Huang

“One thing that attracted us to Canvas is how mission-driven they are as a team. We had competing offers for our Series A, but we were drawn to Rebecca Lynn for her deep credit expertise. Rebecca is one of the few fintech investors that really understands consumer credit.”

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