“Maker of laser lidar sensors that help self-driving cars see the world”


Pioneering the future of autonomous transportation.


Why We Invested

We first met Austin when he was 17 and living in a Hacker House in Portola Valley, and were immediately struck by his intelligence and conviction that most autonomous vehicle companies had overlooked LiDAR. Luminar provides safe autonomous transportation with long-range, high-res LiDAR with the goal of creating an uncrashable car. Luminar went public via SPAC in December 2020 (Nasdaq: LAZR).

Pioneering the future of autonomous transportation.
Austin Russell
Austin Russell
Founder & CEO
Austin Russell

“Everyone in venture talks about backing bold and transformative technology. They really don’t do it. They just make incremental bets with short time horizons. Rebecca is different. From Day 1 she was a believer and she understood the technology and what was needed.”

Palo Alto, CA
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Rebecca Lynn

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