Figure Eight

Training data for machine learning.

Acquired by Appen (APPEF)

Why We Invested

With advancements in AI & ML technologies, the FigureEight founding team recognized the importance of high-quality training data to enable those models to work. FigureEight (formerly Crowdflower) provides an ML software platform which uses automated tools to transform unlabeled data into high-quality AI training data. FigureEight was acquired by Appen to become a critical part of their end-to-end ML training platform.

Training data for machine learning.
Robin Bordoli & Lukas Biewald
Robin Bordoli & Lukas Biewald
Robin Bordoli & Lukas Biewald

“We had a complicated situation with management changes, and a potential acquisition offer on the table. Rebecca just really rolled up her sleeves and got in there every day and worked her butt off to get us to a great outcome. Let’s just say you will always want to get Rebecca Lynn on the phone with the potential next VC or acquirer. No one could sell the company as well as she could—except for maybe me!”

San Francisco, CA
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