The Canvas Approach

How we work

We are mission-driven investors

We work as a team to help visionary founders build enduring companies of value and integrity to make the world a better place for all.


We are fanatic about Series A & B companies

You have to be just a little crazy to love that stage when companies have product-market fit and are primed to scale. That’s us. We focus solely on leading Series A and B rounds with flexible investment size, between $5 million and $20 million in capital. We have proven that this kind of focus allows us to do more for our founders—and ultimately drive more valuable outcomes.


We are fully in your corner, and always on

We structure our fund size so we have time and focus for you. We lead rounds in a discreet 8 to 10 investments a year; this translates to an average of 7 board seats per partner—half of what you might find elsewhere. This allows us to be devoted and engaged partners to our founders as they hire and scale a team, develop a go-to-market plan, and navigate the inevitable twists and turns that characterize the earliest days of building.


We are accomplished builders, ourselves

We are four experienced board members with 45 years of collective operating experience; three of four partners are former founders/CEOs. As entrepreneurs-turned-investors who have grown and exited several billion-dollar companies, we know what it actually takes to achieve and sustain market-defining growth through every stage, from strategy through scale. Our background allows us to blend empathy for the journey with solutions derived from extensive pattern-recognition.


We are curious learners, always passionate about expanding our knowledge

We follow a thesis-driven approach to investing, scouting and securing fields ripe for disruption. This allows us to make quick decisions when we see something we believe in. We leverage our expertise where relevant to help founders find untapped value in fintech, marketplaces, digital health, new enterprise, and other emerging sectors. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we always know who to talk to and where to look.