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March 2022

Canvas Ventures Announces the 2022 Go-to-Market Council

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At Canvas Ventures, we believe that for early-stage startups, success in today’s crowded landscape requires more than a good product. The real winners have a killer go-to-market strategy. That’s why, at Canvas, when we invest in a company, we commit to providing meaningful hands-on GTM support for our entrepreneurs. My partners and I each have a unique area of marketing expertise, and we happily dive in with our founders on every aspect of their go-to-market. We believe this focus on go-to-market is critical to what makes Canvas—and our companies—successful.

We launched the inaugural Canvas Go-to-Market Council in August 2021 to connect our founders to some of the brightest minds in marketing. Over the past year, through Marketing Master Classes, 1:1 founder advisory support, and workshops with our portfolio companies, this selective set of marketing leaders has offered actionable advice on the topics of product positioning, business development, sales, and growth & channel experimentation.  

A couple highlights from the program I'm especially proud of:

  • Members of the GTM Council are super engaged: 85% of our GTM Council Members have plugged in with our portfolio founders to provide 1:1 advice.
  • Their advice isn't stuff you hear every day: We’ve run a series of Marketing Master Class workshops hosted by Council Members and attended by founders and their marketing leaders (see highlights on our YouTube page here). 80% of attendees report that they’ve walked away with actionable new strategies to implement.
  • Council Members play a role in our investment decisions, as well: Our GTM Council Members have been key to helping me and my partners diligence deals in their areas of expertise. And in some cases, Council Members have even participated in funding rounds we lead.

Today, we are excited to introduce you to the 2022 cohort of the Canvas Go-to-Market Council, 16 superstars of GTM.

These proven operators have helped build pioneering brands from the ground up, including Calendly, Figma, Headspace, Houzz, Uber, and more. Each person we’ve selected has deep expertise in a key area of GTM: product marketing, product-led growth, business development, sales, brand marketing, and growth marketing. 

  • Ash Blackmon, currently: Restream, previously: Pathstream, Zillow. GTM Superpower: Growth Marketing.
  • Claire Butler, currently: Figma, previously: The Climate Corporation. GTM Superpower: Product-led Growth.
  • Ashley Chandler, currently: Physna, previously: Color Health, Stripe, Google. GTM Superpower: Brand Marketing.
  • Graham Chalfant, currently: Airvet, previously: Rightway, 2nd.MD, One Medical. GTM Superpower: Sales.
  • Andrea Collins, currently: Hippo, previously: PolicyGenius. GTM Superpower: Brand Marketing.
  • Coley Czarnecki, currently: Uber Eats, previously: Visa. GTM Superpower: Product Marketing.
  • Nick Fairbairn, currently: Experian, previously: Gabi, Le Tote, Dollar Shave Club. GTM Superpower: Brand & Growth Marketing.
  • Tom Langan, currently: Veradigm, an Allscripts Company, previously: Practice Fusion, MediMedia USA, Symphony Health. GTM Superpower: Sales.
  • Matt McAllister, currently: Yelp, previously: Mobile Tech RX, GiftNow. GTM Superpower: Growth Marketing.
  • Patrick Moran, currently: Reforge, previously: Houzz, Spotify, Netflix. GTM Superpower: Growth Marketing.
  • Allan Ng, currently: Freenome, previously: Livongo Health, Common Networks, Google. GTM Superpower: Brand Marketing.
  • Jamie Young Perlman, currently: Dropbox, previously: Box, SlideShare. GTM Superpower: Business Development.
  • Declan Schweitzer, currently: Rain, previously: Albert, Bird, Headspace. GTM Superpower: Growth Marketing.
  • Garrett Scott, currently: Calendly, previously: Quip, New Relic. GTM Superpower: Product-led Growth.
  • Tony Small, currently: Wiliot, previously:, Zillow Group. GTM Superpower: Sales.
  • Ali Wiezbowski, currently: Matterport, previously: Peloton, Uber, Shoprunner. GTM Superpower: Product Marketing.

Head to the GTM Council page to learn more about the 2022 GTM Council Members and how they engage with the Canvas community. And whatever your relationship with Canvas, you can subscribe to the Canvas Newsletter to get access to exclusive content straight from the GTM Council.

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