"Robocorp gives developers and companies a platform where they can build automated bots to do tedious office tasks using coding and expertise shared by a community of developers."
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Open source stack powering automation operations.

Acquired by Sema4.ai

Why We Invested

We’re experiencing a watershed moment in automation technology - RPA is one of the fastest growing segments of global enterprise software with nearly 90% of organizations globally adopting one form of process automation by 2022. Yet incumbent RPA providers have inflexible licenses, long implementation times and expensive maintenance fees making them inaccessible to the mass market. Robocorp offers the first cloud-native, open source automation stack and orchestration platform to power any automation process, engendering a robust ecosystem of developers, partners and enterprises.

Open source stack powering automation operations.
Antti Karjalainen
Antti Karjalainen
Antti Karjalainen

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