Digital commercial sale-leaseback platform.

Why We Invested

Small and medium-sized commercial real estate properties represent a massive yet fragmented $5T market opportunity in inventory alone and $180B in yearly transactions. However, no platform exists to make the sale-leaseback process easy for downmarket commercial sellers. The workflow for property sellers of small and medium-sized businesses is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive with hefty fees, long sales processes, and opaque pricing. Keyway offers a digital platform to reinvent commercial sales-leaseback of SMB properties, leveraging data sources to identify properties and provide a transparent, accessible, and timely process for property owners to facilitate a sale-leaseback and make a profit.

Digital commercial sale-leaseback platform.
Matias Recchia
Matias Recchia
Co-Founder & CEO
Matias Recchia

New York, NY
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Investment lead
Rebecca Lynn