“Helping its partners give their customers a fast and easy insurance-shopping experience.”


Reimagining home and auto insurance shopping.

Acquired by Experian (EXPN)

Why We Invested

We had known the Gabi team for several years and were eager to start something with the experienced team in the insurtech space to provide greater transparency to pricing in the digital insurance market. Gabi is a consumer-first digital insurance broker, providing the best way to shop and compare home and auto insurance rates seamlessly on their platform.

Reimagining home and auto insurance shopping.
Hanno Fichtner
Hanno Fichtner
Co-Founder & CEO
Hanno Fichtner

“Rebecca Lynn pushed us very early to test TV as a marketing channel. At that point we were spending 30-50k a month on marketing channels. Doing a TV test for 200k was a big bet at that time, but we had a good discussion around this. Today TV is our biggest marketing channel, and it’s super scalable. This proven marketing channel has also helped us to raise our Series B.”

San Francisco, CA
Year founded
Investment lead