Building the next generation of e-commerce distribution.

Why We Invested

Our experiences serving on boards of many top e-commerce companies such as Houzz, Zola and others informed us that an “Industry Cloud” to optimize operations, fulfillment and shipping while simultaneously maintaining a personalized experience was deeply needed. MasonHub offers a modern software cloud for fulfillment and logistics for high-end consumer brands, using a headless API driven architectural approach to enable brands to both customize fulfillment experiences and expand across multiple channels. MasonHub stands in a unique position to be a sticky fulfillment “hub” and scale with their customers providing a high-touch commerce experience.

Building the next generation of e-commerce distribution.
Donny Salazar
Donny Salazar
Founder & CEO
Donny Salazar

“With Canvas you get close personal contact with all the partners because of their structure. All the partners really care about you. For example, Mike Ghaffary was not the partner who led our original investment, but he still had us top of mind as he spoke with growth investors, and he actually referred us to another venture investor who led our next round of financing, and became a new high quality board member.”

Los Angeles, CA
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