Rebecca Lynn, General Partner

Rebecca is a General Partner at Canvas, where she focuses on early-stage investments in financial services, digital health, SaaS, and mobile. She led Canvas’s investments in CrowdFlower, FutureAdvisor, HealthLoop, and Viewics, and currently sits on the boards of each. Rebecca was named a “Midas List Hot Prospect” by Forbes in 2013. She was also named  a “Top Women VC” by Forbes in 2013 and 2014.

In 2007, Rebecca joined Morgenthaler Ventures and continues to serve on the boards of that firm’s portfolio companies. She led investments in Lending Club (NYSE: LC), Practice Fusion, Check (acquired by Intuit), Doximity, RelateIQ (acquired by Salesforce), and Convo. Rebecca is a board member of Lending Club, Doximity, Convo, and a board observer of Adara Media and Socrata.

Rebecca began her career at Procter and Gamble’s corporate headquarters where she launched new products internationally. She spent time in both Cincinnati and Mexico City developing new products and launching a new category in Latin America. She then joined NextCard as employee number 30, and rose up the ranks to become VP of Marketing and head of customer acquisition. During her four years at NextCard, Rebecca led product development efforts and managed one of the top-five largest online marketing efforts of that time. NextCard was the first online credit card company, and it went public in 2000 with a $1.3B market cap. After NextCard, she ran her own consulting business focused on online marketing for financial services and affiliate marketing.

Rebecca is a member of the California Bar Association and a member of the US Patent Bar, with a focus on intellectual property litigation and corporate law. She was published in the Berkeley Law and Technology Journal. Rebecca is also an inventor on several issued patents.

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Financial services, healthcare IT, mobile, SaaS, and consumer


University of California at Berkeley (JD/MBA), University of Missouri (BS Chemical Engineering), Procter & Gamble  

Active Investments:

  • Convo
  • CrowdFlower
  • Doximity
  • FutureAdvisor
  • HealthLoop
  • Lending Club
  • Practice Fusion
  • Viewics

Past Investments:

  • Check
  • RelateIQ

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